Please briefly introduce yourself.

25 years old, woman, part time worker

How long did you live there?

I was there for about three months.

I still visit when I have time.

Why did you want to live in Hokkaido?

I didn't think that I definitely wanted to live in Hokkaido, I just thought, "I'll never know what it's like until I go and live there, so let's go there!"

Why did you join the Big Family Project?

It's all about connections. Because It felt like fate after strange things happened.

What was your first impression of Tamotsu Saito?

I thought he was so easy to talk to, so bright and cheerful!

I am always inspired by Mr. Saito's personality and his powerful energy and thinking as we talk and engage with him.

He is like a father and a mentor.

How was it living together?

I was surprised to find someone so caring and so easy to be with in a good way.

How were the other members?

Everyone is so kind and helpful, and everyone seems like family.

Did you have any complaints?

No i did not.

Is there anything users should pay attention to?

If you do not care too much about others and you observe minimum manners, i am sure that you can share a happy space!

Lastly please tell us what made you happy to go there.

I felt that the greatest attraction was sharing encounters, stories, and experiences that I would not have been able to have in my normal life.

We were all spending time together, but I had my own time as well, I was very happy to be able to spend my days without stress.

I think it is thanks to everyone who was with me that I was able to spend my time like that.