Please briefly introduce yourself.

I am Hiroki, 34 years old.

I was a company employee in Okinawa with a dream of becoming independent.

After working for just 10 years and started thinking about the future.

In a word, it was like that I felt limited as a company employee to make my dreams come true.

Of course, I worked hard and motivated myself every day, but I just couldn't help but feel the limitations of a company employee, because I wanted to be independent.

Corona started and I was left alone to worry about it. As a result, I was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder and took two months off from work.

I realized that life was limited, and I wanted to use my life to do what I love.

That is why I decided to resign. At that time I knew that Mr. Saito was living in Hokkaido, so I contacted him.

How long did you live there?

I lived there for two whole months.

It was fun living with the three of us with Yoshi.

Hokkaido in summer is great.

In addition to family members, we barbecued with Mr. Saito's friends, we went to Sapporo and ate ramen, we went to the cape, we camped at Lake Shikotsuko, and we had campfires, etc.

I had the hottest experience and the hottest summer.

What are you doing now?

I am a company employee of a real estate company in Okinawa.

I also farm with my parents as a hobby.

I grow bananas and papayas, but the papayas I had worked so hard to produce were stolen.

In between, I was studying coaching and completed in November. I would like to work in coaching in the future.

I got into real estate for Big Family Project as well.

Why did you want to live in Hokkaido?

Because Mr. Saito is there, That is all.

What do you like about Mr. Saito?

His bangs haha.

He is very caring. I don't know what is good exactly, but I think it's likely his sensibility.

I like his way of life.

I like Mr. Saito's way of life because I want a job I love.

What was your first impression of Tamotsu Saito?

A sketchy old guy ! What, yellow tie? I thought haha.

It was when Mr. Saito was still running his travel agency. I thought he was 'a weird old man who only says puns and comes to sells company trips.'

How was it living together?

I thougt I could not live with others for a long period of time.

I wanted to secure my private life.

Mr. Saito worked very hard on his voice training and on practicing karaoke to get a date with a girl.

But he was depressed because he was rejected haha.

Long baths are not customary in Okinawa, but the hot springs in Hokkaido were great!

I like sauna under the influence of Mr. Saito.

How were the other members?

I thought if I had a little brother, this is what he would look like. This is Yoshi.

He is smart, he looks cold but he is actually a passionate man, and he is a great cook.

It was so much fun to be with him.

Did you have any complaints?

It is the lack of your own space.

We are a family, not a share house, so sometimes we fight and get frustrated.

But I believe now that that is how our family bonded.

Is there anything users should pay attention to?

It's the distance between the members.

We can build a good distance because we are strangers. You don't need to think 'I have to do this, I have to do that.' They are strangers, so it is natural to have a sense of distance, no need to get all worked up. You just need to be yourself.

I wish I had put myself out there more.
At the time, I was lost within myself, so I resisted exposing myself. Pride got in the way.
I think it would definitely be more fun to get rid of that.

Lastly please tell us what made you happy to go there.

I lived with Mr. Saito and Yoshi, and the three of us have a bond.

We all live apart, but we have a mutual feeling that we will always help each other if something happens.

I think it is important that we lived together and our bond is stronger than those we worked with.

I think it is a bond that has developed through sharing laughter together, frustration together, and good and bad things under one roof.

The best thing about going there was the bond that was formed because we sometimes argued with each other, which allowed us to understand each other and develop a relationship.