Please briefly introduce yourself.

I am 23 years old, Ryo Tsukamoto.

I was a law student in Osaka.

Corona disaster reduces opportunity to go to school and I just went back and forth between home and my part-time job. I no longer saw my friends and my days were depressing and boring.

How long did you live there?

I lived there for a month last August.

What are you doing now?

I farm in Tokachi, Hokkaido.

Why did you want to live in Hokkaido?

The riches of nature are the best.

I am uncomfortable in the cluttered cities, and I thought I would be healed by the nature of Hokkaido.

Why did you join the Big Family Project?

My grandmother recommended it to me, and it was a crossroads in my life, or rather, half a gamble haha.

I wanted to change my life in Osaka, where I was bored every day with all the online classes.

I was looking for salvation.

What was your first impression of Tamotsu Saito?

He is very Osakan lol I thought he was a strange man, but in a good way.

I have never seen a man of Mr. Saito's age who says the same thing.

He sometimes says very good things that are really helpful for me.

He is unique.

How was it living together?

A month flew by.

He made me decide to go into farming.

New encounters were made thanks of Big Family Project.

I met new other members that I can continue to connect with and rely on.

How were the other members?

When I spent a month there, just Yoshi and Mr. Saito were there. Yoshi is like a big brother or a senior, he is a dependable person.

Another encounter was with "Hiroki-san," with whom I spent only three days. He is a man who lives in Okinawa now.

They are all people who have experienced various things, and they are my seniors, or rather, they are people who can help me understand that there is such a way to live my life.

Did you have any complaints?

If I must say, I wish the rent was a little cheaper lol That's all.

Do you have any advice for people who see this?

I'm too young to say this,

if you are in trouble in your life, if you stumble, or if you just want to take a step forward, why not join Big Family Project?

I am sure that new experiences and encounters await you.

Still a young man's opinion…

Lastly please tell us what made you happy to go there.

There are many things, but I think I would still be living cheekily in Osaka if I had not met Big Family Project.

It was a turning point in my life.

I made new friends and recognized the importance of human connections.

I am like a Mr. Saito's son, so sometimes I say nice things.