“A man who loves freedom and gives happiness generously.”

  • Achieved top sales at a securities company during the bubble economy「in Japan for 1988-1990」
  • At the age of 26, he left his 10 million yen annual income to quit a company job
  • Moved alone to Europe to work without speaking English
  • Established travel agency specializing in Europe
  • Managed a restaurant in Chamonix, France.
  • 30 years of business in Japan and overseas!
  • Zero sales & divorce due to the Corona disaster
  • Moved to Niseko, Hokkaido & remarried before his 60th birthday


media appearances
Appeared on FM Naha Radio!
media appearances
Featured in Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper

Seminars & Lecturers

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering holding seminars for various organizations and companies.

I am available for self-development seminars, vocation seminars, etc.
I speak on subjects according to your requests based on my experience of living abroad and starting 5 businesses in Japan and abroad.



EURO SPORTS Pamphlet at the establishment


Euro SPORTS headquarters, Umeda


restaurant 'SATSUKI' Chamonix, France


EURO SPORTS, Skiing in Europe


EURO SPORTS, Hiking in Europe


Big Family Project・Niseko, Hokkaido

Personal history of Tamotsu SAITO


Born on December 17 in Osaka


Graduated from Ryukoku University


Joined Meiko Securities Co.(current Nikko Securities Inc.)


Retired from Meiko Securities Co.


Became a ski instructor(Winghills, Gifu)


Travel around Japan by Motorcycle for 4 months(HONDA XLR250 BAJA)


Serving as a ski guide for 4 seasons(Powder Byrne Co., England)
(Grindelwald, Zermatt, Val d'Isère)


Became a sailing GO (instructor) at Club Med Malaysia


Serving as japanses promotional staff in Tignes Tourist Office, France
( made connections with major Japanese travel agencies)


Running a food cart ramen shop in the summer in Zurich, Switzerland


Founding of EURO SPORTS Ltd.
(However, I was a truck driver and a telephone construction worker for 3 years in fact)


Co-owner of japanese restaurant 'SATSUKI' , Chamonix, France
(Two stores and one franchise)


Support for starting a business of italian motorcycle shop (Juso, Osaka)


Owned and operated handmade "Ganko Soba" in Sakaisujihonmachi


Appointed as Director of Japan Nordic Walk League


Appointed as Director of Foton Japan Friend


Running SORA hostel


Company name changed to Euro Co. and became CEO


to propagate ''Do what you love for a living''


Opening EURO Niseko House (Become an owner)


Moving to Niseko, Hokkaido because of Covidivorce!


Moving to neighboring town, Kutchan-cho from Niseko-cho, and launching Big Family Project!


I have been practising [ a way of life in which you do what you love ] for about 30 years after leaving the 「Securities」company.

I want to ski, which I love in the best ski resorts in the world! That's why I set up a travel company specializing in European skiing and hiking.
Then I spent six months each year in Europe as an active guide.

In my career, I worked for three overseas companies, and has started five businesses at home and abroad (two wins and three losses).

The Travel agent I founded had to be forced to terminate in the 25th year due to the Corona Disaster.
I ran two Japan restaurants in Chamonix, France for 13 years. I arlady sold them in 2014.

As I live a lot of differently from others, I want to share my knowledge and experience. and I want that knowledge to be useful to many people. That's why I opened the school 'Tenshokujuku' - a way of life where you make what you love your job in April 2019.

「But, in these days」, when many jobs are no longer needed due to the development of AI,

Under the law that history repeats itself, we will learn the real history that does not appear in 「textbooks」 and will [predict the future] in the context of international affairs and the global economy, based on the difference between common sense overseas and in Japan.

What about Japan in the future? What will happen to the world? What jobs will be lost and created? How will values change? What do we need now to prepare for the future?

I hope that you will verify the hypotheses I have made with your own eyes and cultivate your own ability to predict the future and survive in turbulent times.

I am also developing 'Big Family Project'.
At a time when more and more young people are apathetic, depressed and withdrawn since the Corona disaster, I hope that by experiencing the sun and soil in the wilderness of Hokkaido and living with the world's best easygoing couple, they will become positive, cheerful and strong.

In order to bring out the unlimited potential of young people through this project, I talk about my experience of developing various businesses even though I have no language skills, financial resources, or business knowledge, and I pass on important theories for living to the members of Big Family Project.

If you think this, is it !, please contact us. Your future will be transformed into dreams and hopes!