Appeared on FM Naha Radio!

Tamotsu Saito was on FM Naha radio, Maki-chan's "How to Play in the Earth Amusement Park".

Maki-chan and he got together by chance. She wants funny and interesting adults to appear on her radio show. That is why she asked him to be there!

He talks about a wide range of topics, including the life and thoughts of Tamotsu Saito, the training of young people, and the future of Japan, etc.

''Young people, there are endless possibilities! Let's do what we like!''

FM Naha Radio・Maki-chan's "How to Play in the Earth Amusement Park"

  • The real risk is to end your life doing nothing rather than failing at something.
  • Air is not something to be read, it is something to be made. It's common in other countries, and in Japan, people like that can survive.
    (Reading air is a japanese expression, means reading between the lines )
  • Farmers need young people. Japan Needs Farmers.

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