SaitoTamotsuWhat is he like? 

How come you are so free?

This has been going on since elementary school, in the report card, it was written that "he does not listen to others" and "he is restlessness."

With so much freedom, you must have had some failures?

I was quite strong, so I didn't have any setbacks, but I made a lot of mistakes.

The biggest failure was that I failed by involving people and caused trouble.

What kind of problem is that?

In 2008, I was introduced to a delicious soba restaurant in Nagano, He wanted to New Soba restaurant in Osaka.
so I gathered soba lovers and created a "Soba fund", created a new company, and opened.

For three days after opening, we scattered leaflets, so many customers came. I thought I was able to start off well by being open day and night, but on the fourth day, I handed out leaflets, and when I came back to the resutaurant, it was locked and Soba chef was gone. He didn't answer on the phone. When I ent inside, there was no safe or passbook. When I went to his apartment.
But, no bady

From the next day, his son sent me soba noodles by cool courier service, and I continued to operate, but the cost did not match and it was closed after 8 months. It was a fiasco, a huge deficit.

At the last minute, I had to return the propaty to restoration to original condition , but Soba company had no money, so I called 200 people. I asked if I could buy a restaurant without any works, and somehow I managed to get a chain of yakitori restaurants to buy it. So I managed to give back to everyone who bothered me.

Are there any problems that are funny?

I chose a ramen shop for my first business. But Japan is not interesting, so I opened a street food shop in Zurich, Switzerland, which is the most expensive in Europe and the food is not delicious.

But local Japan people keep coming back, but almost no Swiss people have come.
So I looked it up and found that Europeans don't like hot things.

I was keenly aware of the need for market research. So I decided that I would definitely focus on sushi next.

That led to the subsequent Japanese restaurant "SATSUKI" in Chamonix.

Did that restaurant "SATSUKI" do well?

It was too successful.

We asked various Big travel agencies such as JTB and Hankyu to incorporate it into their lunches.

But, I got too many reservations for lunch pachages.

One day, an order from one restaurant came to lunch with 25 buses.

So, our workers got angry for it. Also, inpossible to operat it.
But, I have to do it.

Then I noticed that a nearby hotel only serves breakfast and dinner. Fainally we used big hotel's restaurant
We paid the usage fee, made the drink fee to hotel.